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Framed Oak Outbuilding Project


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Arcadian Restoration

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Custom Cut Fresh Sawn Oak Beams

Fresh Cut Oak Waney Edged Board

About This Project

Framed oak outbuilding created using our Custom Cut Fresh Sawn Oak Beams and Fresh Cut Oak Waney Edged Boards to clad the outside.

Ryan from Arcadian Restoration has used our products to create this impressive outbuilding using Fresh Sawn Oak products which have been cut at our sawmill from high grade oak material allowing for it to be used for structural purposes. Fresh Sawn Oak is the ideal material to use to create structures outdoors due to the stability and durability of the material, with the moisture content being ideal for fitting outdoors with minimal movement and shrinkage. The Waney Edged Boards are a great cladding alternative for a more rustic unfinished look, coming directly from the same trees that would have been used to cut the beams from, creating a uniform look throughout the project.

An outbuilding created using fresh sawn green oak beams and waney edged boards to clad the building. Roofing structure created using fresh sawn oak beams. Outbuilding base created using fresh sawn oak beams Fresh sawn oak beams that have been joined together to create a roof truss The inside view of the outbuilding showing the cladding that is on the walls of the structure The view of the outbuilding from the outside showing the structure and the waney edged cladding outside to complete it. The beams that make up the structure shown laying on the ground before being joined together.