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Family Built Outdoor Seating Area


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Products Used

Siberian Larch Halflap Cladding

Set Length Cladding Add-on

Siberian Larch Fence Posts

Fenn-Lite Recessed Concrete Gravel Boards

About This Project

A beautiful outdoor seating area built by Bruce and his family using stunning Siberian Larch Posts and Halflap cladding, completed with the Fenn-Lite Recessed Concrete Gravel Boards.

Built in a disused area of their garden that was previously used to store garden waste, this seating area situated on a beautiful patio within an open ended structure gives them somewhere to enjoy all year round.

You can recreate this project using our Untreated Douglas Fir/Larch and Untreated Oak as well depending on the look and durability that you are looking for.

A garden shown before the outdoor seating area was created using Siberian Larch materials. An outdoor area sheltered using Siberian Larch materials. An outdoor seating area created using Siberian Larch Fence Posts and Halflap Cladding with outdoor furniture underneath.