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Siberian Larch Garden Fencing


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Shane Allsop


Shane Allsop Landscaping Ltd

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Siberian Larch Fencing Battens

Oak Gate Posts

About This Project

Sleek and modern project submitted by Shane Allsop Landscaping on Instagram of this stunning Siberian Larch back garden fencing using our Siberian Larch Fencing Battens and Oak Posts. These are perfect to create a uniform, reddish finish to your fencing, giving it a modern look that is currently very popular. The customer has also used Oak Posts to accompany these to create a gate and other areas of the garden. Both are durable in their properties and require no further treatment after fitting, unless it is for aesthetic purposes to keep their initial colour and finish.

Fencing battens are also available in Untreated Douglas Fir/Larch and Redwood Thermowood for different finishes.

Siberian larch battens used to create back garden fencing to create a sleek and modern look for the customer Siberian larch fencing battens used to create a border in a back garden for sleek and modern aesthetic gate created using siberian larch fencing battens and oak gate posts to complete the look of the original fencing created back garden fencing created using siberian larch fencing battens with a reddish hue to create a sleek and modern look