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Show Garden Using Reclaimed Oak Crossing Timber


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Daniel Negus


3D Gardener


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Reclaimed Crossing Timbers

About This Project

David has created this beautiful show garden for the BBC Gardeners’ World Live Garden Expo.

Using a mixture of wooden components and rail tracks, this garden is the perfect use of reclaimed materials for a visually aesthetic and functioning garden.

Our Reclaimed Oak Crossing Timbers were used for retaining walls and steps throughout the garden, creating a strong base for the pathways and to create boundaries within the space to fully utilise it. These solid pieces of Oak, taken from beneath rail points and crossing where the additional length and strength is required, can sometimes be used as Oak beams in barns and outhouses or any other suitable location. They are good for bearing the weight of heavy machinery and all types of farming uses.

These are available up to around 7200mm in length with the width varying 250-280mm and 150mm in thickness. Speak to our sales team for specific lengths and widths for free quotations.

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