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KD Oak Board Wall-Mounted Coat Hanger


Project Details

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P.J Ziolkowski

Products Used

Kiln Dried Oak Boards

About This Project

This customer’s project highlights the use of high-quality Kiln Dried Oak Boards to construct a visually appealing, functional, and durable set of coat hangers that can enhance the aesthetics and organisation of an entryway. 

Kiln drying is a process that involves carefully controlling the temperature and humidity within a kiln to remove moisture from the wood. This ensures that the oak boards used in the coat hanger’s construction offer several advantages. The minimal moisture content in kiln dried wood significantly reduces the movement of the timber, resulting in a more stable and less prone to warping or twisting product. This stability is crucial for furniture pieces like a coat hanger rack that needs to withstand regular use and load bearing, the same applies for shelving and hanging cupboards and seating. 

The Kiln Dried Oak Boards also provide smooth and straight edges, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design. This feature contributes to the clean and polished appearance of the coat hanger while ensuring safety by eliminating any potential splintering or rough surfaces. 

Furthermore, the intentional inclusion of non-uniform lines in the arrangement of the oak boards adds character and uniqueness to the project. This stylistic choice brings a sense of natural beauty and organic charm, reminding users of the authenticity and individuality of the oak wood itself.  

This coat hanger rack is an excellent example of what can be achieved and an excellent choice for those seeking a beautiful, functional, and long-lasting furniture piece for their hallway. 

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