Customer Projects Gallery

Dining Table Using Kiln Dried Oak

This customer has used our Kiln Dried Oak boards to create this custom sized dining table! Kiln Dried Oak is the ideal material to use for internal joinery due to its low moisture content thanks to the kiln drying process.

Rustic Oak Christmas Table Top

Behold the stunning transformation of our customer’s space with our Solid Rustic European Oak Furniture Panels.

Custom Cut Air Dried Mantel

This customer’s project is an impeccably crafted mantel piece, situated atop an electric fireplace which truly elevates the space. 

Featured Project

PAR Kiln Dried Oak Top TV Unit

Radek has crafted a stunning TV unit with a solid oak top made from PAR Kiln Dried Oak Boards. The boards were expertly glued together to create a durable and elegant surface that’s perfect for an entertainment center.

Oak Mantel Beams

AR Wood-Burning Stoves are a regular customer of ours who supply our beautiful mantels along side with fitting them and stoves.

Distressed Studios

Michael at Distressed Studios (@distressed_studio on Instagram) handcrafted candle holders, wine racks, shelves and coat pegs created from our beautiful half Oak sleepers. These have been dried and oiled before being made available for sale.

Fruit Stalls Using Flooring

Holmes Catering Equipment have used our Character Grade mixed with First Grade American White Oak Flooring to manufacture these beautiful fruit stalls in a UK based supermarket. Our customer has used a variety of widths to create these stalls.

Oak Sleeper Cube Side Table Project

One of our customers used Oak Sleepers to build their very own cupboard doors for their Oak Sleeper Cube Side table.