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Stylish Pergola crafted using Green Treated Pergola Kit


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Tony Thacker

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Pergola Kits

About This Project

This customer project beautifully showcases the exquisite use of timber, emphasizing framing and symmetry. This project demonstrates the seamless integration of a softwood pergola and the interplay of interior and exterior lighting, creating an inviting ambiance. Notably, the staining of the softwood pergola contributes to a bright and snug interior space, while the  makeshift roof adds both charm and practical benefits.

The placement of the softwood pergola in relation to the dining room window is a great touch, as it establishes a visually pleasing alignment. The use of interior lighting viewed from the outside and vice versa is an exceptional design choice that draws viewers in and invites them to explore the space. The soft glow emitted from the interior lighting beckons observers to step inside, revealing the cozy and welcoming atmosphere within. Conversely, the soft lighting around the softwood pergola frame, visible from the inside, extends an invitation to venture outdoors, embracing the beauty of the surrounding environment.

By opting for a stain that imparts brightness, the designers have achieved a remarkable effect. The softwood pergola exudes a warm and snug atmosphere, offering a retreat from the outside world while maintaining a connection with nature. This choice of stain not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to the overall comfort and tranquillity of the space.
The decision to incorporate a makeshift roof in this project is both ingenious and praiseworthy. The roof adds a touch of rustic charm and creates a unique ambiance within the softwood pergola.

This project is a testament to the power of timber in creating harmonious living spaces that seamlessly integrate with the natural environment

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