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PAR Larch/Douglas Fir Timber Storage


Products Used

PAR & Bevelled English Larch/Douglas Fir Garden Sleepers

Larch/Douglas Fir Waney Edge Boards

About This Project

Timber storage – a must-have in every garden

Wooden storage areas have been becoming more popular in the UK for some time, thanks to the ever-growing need for storage in modern life.

A perfect place to do DIY, park a vehicle or store a multitude of household items, wooden garages tend to have more to offer than metal or consecrate counterparts. This includes pros such as simple foundations and installation, a rustic finish and ease of maintenance and repair, all of which save time and money. Not to mention how great a natural insulator timber is against the British weather.

The beautifully designed outbuilding you can see below has been crafted using our PAR & Bevelled English Larch/Douglas Fir Garden Sleepers and Larch/Douglas Fir Waney Edge Boards. Our customer has created a beautifully constructed, high quality storage area as a main feature in their garden.

The Waney Edge Boards are supplied fresh cut from logs harvested in native woodlands, adding a traditional touch to the structure that is both functional and elegant.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your garden storage this option is definitely food for thought, and our products are perfect to help you complete a project like this.