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Custom Cut Green Oak Porch


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This customer project showcases the fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, resulting in an awe-inspiring structure that seamlessly blends practicality and aesthetics.

The focal point of this structure is undoubtedly its generous-sized front door, which boosts an air of grandeur and invites guests with open arms. The gable style overhanging entrance adds a touch of elegance, while also serving a practical purpose by offering a unique storage opportunity. This dual functionality demonstrates the ingenuity of the design, combining welcoming hospitality with clever space utilization.
Crafted from timber beams of dimensions larger than average, the high archway creates an immediate sense of grandeur and architectural significance. Its remarkable size not only adds to the structural integrity but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the design.
This customer project exemplifies a brilliant example of classic and contemporary architectural styles, resulting in an overall aesthetic that is both captivating and timeless.
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