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Outdoor Projects

Elevate Home Aesthetics: Oak Balcony Design with Beams

Enhancing your home’s exterior has never been more elegant and structurally sound than with the incorporation Oak. This project by Rural oak creates a stunning balcony which seamlessly integrates Structural Oak Beams, Braces and Glass Panes. This combination not only enriches the home’s aesthetic but also adds sophistication and practicality to the outdoor space.

Victorian Cottage Rental

One of our customers, Paul Turner, has used our Structural Green Oak Beams, Air Dried Oak Beams and Black Painted Featheredge Kiln Dried Nordic Pine Cladding to craft exquisite additions to both the exterior and interior of this majestic cottage rental.

Rear Extension and Garage Conversion using Oak

This incredible transformation of the property with the creation of the rear extension and garage conversion by Charles Linton Construction was achieved using our Custom Cut Fresh Sawn Structural Green Oak.


Garden Room using Lightweight Oak Cladding

A visually appealing garden room created using Lightweight Oak and Air Dried Oak Beams.

Porch Transformation Using Featheredge Oak Cladding

This stunning customer project from CRH Carpentry & Building using Oak Featheredge Cladding to transform this porch, giving it a classic and warm aesthetic whilst providing extra protection from weather elements.

Curved Heel Oak Gates

One of our customers from UK Timber has used European Oak Curved Heel Gate to replace their old gate.  The new gate blends in superbly with the boundary.

Custom Made Douglas Fir Pergola

The customer has used Douglas Fir Pergola Support Posts, Bearers and Rafters to construct a beautiful Douglas Fir Pergola.

Green Oak Porch

Our customer purchased our Green Oak Beams to create this beautiful porch for their customer. These can be purchased sawn and then sanded on site or we can supply ready for fitting in our PAR finish.